Film is a powerful and highly effective marketing tool and many businesses are now successfully using video as part of their marketing mix to help drive their business forward. One of the many ways film can help your business is by allowing the personality of your brand to come across to your audience in a way that words alone are unable to do. When your audience feels they know you better, trusting your brand and what you are offering, they will feel more inclined to work with you.

Video offers a powerful and engaging way to connect with your audience, tell your story and grow your business.

We work with our clients story boarding ideas and producing engaging short films that help promote their business. We have clients with a huge content library of video footage that can then be utilized for creating new films with a different message.


  • Creating an overview film of your company
  • Adding customer reviews and testimonials via video to your website
  • Sharing big announcements with your customers
  • Demonstrating a product or service
  • Leverage events by interviewing visitors, interview speakers, show demonstrations and presentations

If you want attention for your brand, video offers a powerful and engaging way to connect with your audience, tell your story and grow your business.

Whether you’re looking to have a video to help with sales, marketing, training, recruitment or something else entirely, we have lots of ideas how video can enhance your company’s profile, so feel free to contact us to find out more.


Medico Legal Conference – Cambridge 2016
The Medico-Legal conference takes place once a year and is an opportunity for medical and legal experts to share their knowledge. We were very excited when we were asked to film this event and to be able to spend the day within Cambridge University was a real privilege.

Wheelchair Awareness Day – Bolt Burdon Kemp
We had the pleasure of working with Bolt Burdon Kemp at one of their recent events in London. The ‘Wheelchair Awareness day’ was an informative event where a selection of Barristers were given basic wheelchair skills before heading out onto Islington highstreet to tackle the challenges that wheelchair users face every day.