justin golby

Justin has worked as a Creative Director for the past 20 years both in the UK and Australia specialising in creating engaging photography and video content for a number of leading global brands including Lexus, Volvo, Garnier, Very Exclusive, Target, L’Oreal, Nivea, The Nottingham Building Society, Westfield, DAS Insurance to name but a few.

In addition to corporate videography, Justin draws on his own particular family experiences when working on video evidence. His brother suffered a very serious brain injury in 1990 as a result of a motorcycle accident and continues to require constant care and support. Justin has been closely involved in his brother’s care and has exceptional insight not just into the challenges facing the victims of serious physical injury, but also those presenting to their families. He is able to carry out this work with empathy and understanding, filming unobtrusively and producing video evidence of notable clarity and quality.

With his background and his experience as a video storyteller for corporate clients this makes him the ideal person to under take filming the resultant lifestyle of similarly injured or seriously ill persons.

Serena Pitchers

Serena’s professional background is in marketing, having previously been UK Head of Marketing for a global footwear brand. She achieved great commercial success, running an annual budget in excess of £1M. Serena brings this broad and extensive marketing and commercial experience to bear when working with professional clients in the legal services market.

As a co-founding Director of Golby Legal Films, Serena also worked in close consultation with Justin and lawyers involved in catastrophic and serious personal injury and clinical negligence claims. She has helped to develop the video evidence products offered by GLF and has real understanding of the needs of lay and professional clients.

“Introducing the team with video content provides a reassuring and welcoming beginning to that crucial solicitor-client relationship. The quality of our production will reinforce the firm’s brand values and send all the right messages to prospective clients.”